November 16 Events

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November 16th, 2000 (November 16 2000)EventBill Clinton becomes the first U.S. President to visit Vietnam since the end of the Vietnam War.Bill Clinton Quotes
November 16th, 1997 (November 16 1997)EventAfter nearly 18 years of incarceration, the People s Republic of China releases Wei Jingsheng, a pro-democracy dissident, from jail for medical reasons.
November 16th, 1989 (November 16 1989)EventA death squad composed of El Salvadoran army troops kills six Jesuit priests and two others at Jose Simeon Canas University.
November 16th, 1989 (November 16 1989)EventUNESCO adopts the Seville Statement on Violence at the twenty-fifth session of its General Conference.
November 16th, 1988 (November 16 1988)EventThe Supreme Soviet of the Estonian SSR declares that Estonia was "sovereign" but stopped short of declaring independence.
November 16th, 1988 (November 16 1988)EventIn the first open election in more than a decade, voters in Pakistan elect populist candidate Benazir Bhutto to be Prime Minister of Pakistan.
November 16th, 1979 (November 16 1979)EventThe first line of Bucharest Metro (Line M1) is opened from Timpuri Noi to Semanatoarea in Bucharest, Romania.
November 16th, 1973 (November 16 1973)EventSkylab program: NASA launches Skylab 4 with a crew of three astronauts from Cape Canaveral, Florida for an 84-day mission.
November 16th, 1973 (November 16 1973)EventU.S. President Richard Nixon signs the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Authorization Act into law, authorizing the construction of the Alaska Pipeline.
November 16th, 1965 (November 16 1965)EventVenera program: The Soviet Union launches the Venera 3 space probe toward Venus, the first spacecraft to reach the surface of another planet.
November 16th, 1945 (November 16 1945)EventCold War: The United States Army secretly admits 88 German scientists and engineers to help in the development of rocket technology.
November 16th, 1945 (November 16 1945)EventUNESCO is founded.
November 16th, 1944 (November 16 1944)EventDueren, Germany is completely destroyed by Allied bombers.
November 16th, 1943 (November 16 1943)EventWorld War II: American bombers strike a hydro-electric power facility and heavy water factory in German-controlled Vemork, Norway.
November 16th, 1940 (November 16 1940)EventWorld War II: In response to Germany s leveling of Coventry, England two days before, the Royal Air Force bombs Hamburg.
November 16th, 1940 (November 16 1940)EventHolocaust: In occupied Poland, the Nazis close off the Warsaw Ghetto from the outside world.
November 16th, 1938 (November 16 1938)EventLSD is first synthesized by Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann at the Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland.
November 16th, 1914 (November 16 1914)EventThe Federal Reserve Bank of the United States officially opens.
November 16th, 1907 (November 16 1907)EventIndian Territory and Oklahoma Territory become Oklahoma and are admitted as the 46th U.S. state.
November 16th, 1907 (November 16 1907)EventCunard Line s RMS Mauretania sister ship of RMS Lusitania, sets sail on her maiden voyage from Liverpool, England to New York City.
November 16th, 1885 (November 16 1885)EventCanadian rebel leader of the Metis and "Father of Manitoba", Louis Riel is executed for treason.
November 16th, 1863 (November 16 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Campbell s Station near Knoxville, Tennessee. Confederate troops unsuccessfully attack Union forces.
November 16th, 1857 (November 16 1857)EventSecond relief of Lucknow. The most Victoria Crosses won in a single day with 24.
November 16th, 1849 (November 16 1849)EventA Russian court sentences Fyodor Dostoevsky to death for anti-government activities linked to a radical intellectual group; his sentence is later commuted to hard labor.Fyodor Dostoevsky Quotes
November 16th, 1821 (November 16 1821)EventAmerican Old West: Missouri trader William Becknell arrives in Santa Fe, New Mexico over a route that became known as the Santa Fe Trail.
November 16th, 1805 (November 16 1805)EventNapoleonic Wars: Battle of SchongrabernRussian forces under Bagration delay the pursuit by French troops under Murat.
November 16th, 1776 (November 16 1776)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: Hessian mercenaries capture Fort Washington from the Patriots.
November 16th, 1776 (November 16 1776)EventAmerican Revolution: The United Provinces (Low Countries) recognize the independence of the United States.
November 16th, 1632 (November 16 1632)EventThe Battle of Lutzen, where King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden is killed.
November 16th, 1532 (November 16 1532)EventFrancisco Pizarro and his men capture Inca Emperor Atahualpa.
November 16th, 1491 (November 16 1491)EventAn auto de fe, held in the Brasero de la Dehesa outside of Avila, concludes the case of the Holy Child of La Guardia with the public execution of several Jewish and converso suspects.
November 16th, 1384 (November 16 1384)EventJadwiga is crowned King of Poland, although she is a woman.
November 16th, 0534 (November 16 0534)EventA second and final revision of the Codex Justinianus is published.

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